The History of Godivas

Lady Godivas opened November 1st 1996, the day after a wicked Halloween party which I'm sure some of our oldest friends will recall. Some of those friends are still here and some have since moved away, you know who you are and we want to say "High" we hope you're all doing well!

We wanted to be original, unique in our town. We started out with XXX VHS, Adult Toys, Massage Oils and some Lingerie as well as Joke and Gag stuff.  There were no other stores in Woodstock offering these products at this time.

By the summer of 1998, due to Jim's relentless work ethics (he worked morning 'till night, we were open 10am to midnight then) our store was starting to get too big for it's britches. We needed more space and shoveling snow up the stairs was a bitch too.

So we moved, and it wasn't easy finding a space for an adult store in this town, it had been difficult the first time too and nothing had really changed.  It was February 14th, 1999 when we moved right after work on Valentine's  day, our busiest day of the year.  It was surely an all nighter.  We couldn't have done it without the help of our friends, they might remember these pics...Eyes covered to protect the guilty…Check out these Pics…

In The Beginging - 1 Light Street  Photos

Unfortunately we did not take any pictures before we started to clean up the mess @ 354 Dundas St., but we do have some pictures after we cleaned the garbage and started repairs on the floor. Our first signs were done in a rather difficult to discern font so as not to scare any of the local prudes...It didn't work, they still bitched. They complained that it was the first thing you see when you get to Woodstock although we are located well within the city limits.

At that time we were still primarily an adult store, however over time we have incorporated a huge selection of 316L Surgical Steel Body Jewelry as well as Pipes and bongs and lots of other cool things.

Movin' On Up - 354 Dundas Street  Photos

Heading into the new millennium we changed our signs to reflect the growing acceptance of the general public toward marijuana and started to more openly advertise the sale of pipes, bongs and other smoking related products.

The New Millennium - Photos

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